Private Events

Grand Floral Parade

  1. Professional Dance Instruction
    a. Additional time with pro instructors “inspiring, entertaining, performing, answering dance questions, mixing & mingling, etc”.
  2. Professional DJ Services
  3. Complete Professional Sound System Rental (Includes set up/tear down)
  4. Partial Professional Sound System Rental- itemized breakdown:
    a. Mixer (up to 4 channels + 2 microphone channels) & Required Cables
    b. Powered Speaker, Stand & Required Cables (up to 2 available)
    c. Hand Held Microphone & Required Cables (up to 2 available)
    d. Wireless Headset Microphone & Required Cables (up to 2 available)
    e. Set up/tear down staff (Required unless given specific prior-authorization from Mindy Barnhart.)
  5. Professional Dance Performance

DJing at a Wedding

For a rate quote for your event, email info at

  1. Important! In the subject line, please type: your name, event type & event date ie. “Bob Jones, Reception, Aug. 8th, ‘18”
  2. Event time (especially start/finish time you are considering hiring us for)
  3. Event address
  4. Your phone #
  5. List of services you are interested in
  6. Are you the primary event contact person? If not who is, their email & phone #?