Is there a dance tonight?
If you are asking that question on a Sunday or Monday the answer is YES there IS a dance tonight unless there is a blizzard or it happens to be Christmas Day. If we ever cancel one of our weekly events, that information will be clearly written on the page of our website that corresponds to that event and we would post about it on Facebook.

For group/private lessons, you do not need to bring a partner unless specifically noted but you are welcome to bring family and friends to these classes. We will be rotating partners so that everyone gets to dance and meet new people. This is also a great way to dance with people who have a little more experience to share. …it’s fun! If you can’t stand the idea of changing partners, please help the people around you to move to the next person in the rotation.

What kind of swing is this (ECS/WCS)?
Primarily East Coast Swing (ECS), Lindy Hop, Charleston, some Balboa and maybe a bit of Collegiate Shag. You might hear a song that would work for Foxtrot, West Coast Swing (WCS), etc. but they would not be the majority.

Who can attend?
Pretty much anyone!! There is no age limit and we don’t currently offer any classes where “flipping” or anything “too crazy” is involved so you don’t have to worry about that. The Beginning Swing lesson at Sunday Swing and the Guided Practicum are open to people with no previous experience and to those looking for a brush up on the basics. Other lessons and workshops have required prerequisites or instructor approval.  Most higher level classes will be posted on the Stumptown Dance Facebook page when they are available.

Wear comfortable, flat soled shoes that stay on your feet and don’t stick to the floor or leave marks on it.  For Balboa lessons a short (1- 1 1/2 inch) heel is helpful for followers. Waxes, powders and tape are never allowed on our dance floors because these items damage the hardwood floors. The best shoe soles for Swing dancing have hard leather or suede leather soles. You can purchase shoes that way, pay a cobbler to re-sole your shoes or add sued to relatively smooth soled shoes yourself.

You are welcome and encouraged to document and share your social dancing fun by taking photos and videos but please be respectful of others wishes if they are less enthusiastic about being on “film”!

What level/classes are for me?
Generally, you should start at the very beginning and progress from there.  At Stumptown Dance, that means to start with the Beginning Swing Drop-In Lesson (Sundays at 7:30 PM).  After about four consecutive weeks, you will likely feel comfortable enough to try our “Intermediate” Swing Drop-In Lesson (Sundays at 7:00 PM).  When you have a few of these basics to work with and are starting to have questions, you are in a good place to add the Guided Swing Practicum (Monday’s 7:30-9:30) to your weekly schedule. Once you feel comfortable with the various “Intermediate” Drop-Ins, you’ll be ready for our Intermediate Plus Lessons and some of our workshops. Our workshops are a variety of levels and they specify; “Open Level” (anyone can attend), “Intermediate or Advanced Level” (intermediate and advanced are very subjective so we specify any prerequisites), etc.  There is never a bad time to take private lessons and they are a valuable counterpart to any of our other lesson options!  When in doubt, always ask the instructor or email (in advance) info at StumptownDance.com.

How to improve?
Dance frequently; with as many different people as possible and take advantage of the various classes, private lessons and Guided Practicum that are available.  Learning from a variety of instructors is highly recommended!

Will I look silly?
Probably a little, maybe a lot but everyone in the room will be doing the same thing you will be doing so let’s look a little silly together. As long as we are all smiling, what does silliness matter anyway?

—NOTE—All Dances & Lessons are non-refundable/transferable.