• Niceties for better dances
    1. Use complete sentences when asking a fellow human to dance.
    2. When approaching a group, ask one person to dance at a time instead of a general who wants me kind of opening.
    3. Guide your partner onto and off of the dance floor.
    4. Look in the direction you’re about to send your partner to avoid collisions and look toward your partner the remainder of the time you’re dancing together. You are giving this person 3 minutes of your undivided time and attention.
    5. Bring and use a sweat towel and/or extra shirts if there’s even the slightest chance you may need them.
    6. Don’t teach or ask to be taught during social dancing. This is the time for play not work.
    7. In group lessons, direct questions to the instructors so others can benefit from the Q&A.
    8. Try to smile even if you’re concentrating.
    9. Ahem, brush your teeth right before partner dancing. Chewing gum works in a pinch but no one wants you chomping and smacking on gum in their ear. If you must chew gum, please try to chew with your mouth closed. Mints don’t cut it!
    10. Wear deodorant or whatever your body needs to not be stinky when you “exercise” in a room full of people.
    11. If you turn down a dance, don’t accept a dance with anyone else during the same song.
    12. We assume that no one wants to hurt people so if someone accidentally hurts you, tell them right away so they will know that they need to work on that move so it won’t happen again. Being “nice” and saying nothing doesn’t do them or anyone else any favors. Unless you’re a professional dance instructor you may even want to suggest that the two of you work together with Mindy or Sam during the Guided Practicum to fix the move. Remember, you’re not teaching them during the social dance, just alerting them to a problem that they should address before someone else gets hurt.

  • Moves we discourage during social dancing*
    1. The Pretzel!!!
    2. The Dishrag
    3. The Peak-a-boo
    4. The Table
    5. The Death Drop (even the name screams “this is not a good idea”!)
    6. The move where each person takes turns tapping the sweaty shoulder/back of the other person
    7. Any move that hurts or has to be choreographed/memorized before it can be lead/followed
    8. Air steps (lifts) are NOT permitted at social dances except for in the safety of a jam circle or performance
    *This is only a partial list and our reasoning is as follows: These moves are generally uncomfortable or awkward if not painful and unsafe. If you have any questions, email